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The alluring land of North East India is one of the most treasured eco-friendly sites in the entire world. This isolated and mysterious land of natural abundance, is still to be touched by the outside world.

At an altitude of 2134m facing the Himalayas dominated by Mt. Kanchenjunga, Darjeeling was the summer resort of the British after they acquired it in 1835. Manor houses, bungalows & cottages sprung up and English-style gardens flowered everywhere. The first tea plantations appeared in 1840 & they thrived in the perfect climate. By 1881, when a narrow – gauge “Toy Train” was commissioned, the hill station of Darjeeling was completely anglicized.

The seven sisters of north eastern region are not called like such for nothing. They are nestled within mountain ranges of Himalayas and Garo-Khasi-Jayantia. They offer their own set of mystique and distinct way of life. The yet unexplored part of India is bestowed with all that a human eye can gorge upon. They are blessed with teeming natural beauties as well as wonders of man-nature co-existence. All the states have their own distinct flavor to satiate your different traveling palate. We provide a comprehensive north-east package to fulfill your every conceivable need. We also help arrange some of the permits that are required to go into these lands of exquisite experience.


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